Our Major concepts

Custom, Precision, Quality, Specific


Sunsity Solar Energy Services provides comprehensive engineering services for nearly every type of solar construction and products manufacturing project.  Our in-house team can handle your project design and address various issues related to product design, development and manufacturing.  We support our dealers with an optimum interplay of Quality Engineering, products solutions and dealer training events.



Sunsity Solar Energy Services gives you access to both structural and electrical engineers with extensive solar power system experience.


  • Help select the most suitable products to meet your structural specifications.
  • Establish optimum size/load restrictions and installation guidelines.
  • Select strength parameters dependent on the local environmental concerns, including wind shear, exposure variables, moisture penetration and ground stability.
  • Determine system maintenance parameters based on these same conditions, and the products selected.



  • Ensure that your system produces the desired output – ready for the grid or storage.
  • Help select the most suitable products to meet your electrical specifications.
  • Ensure the system effectively stores reserve power as specified, including detailing optimum inverter, charge controller and battery configurations.
  • Ensure the system meets all code requirements and safety concerns such as rapid shutdown.
  • Ensures the system will maintain maximum efficiency in the local conditions.
  • Will specify any remote monitoring methods and products for off grid systems.